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22nd Great American Water Taste Test Finals

Honeyville City had the great honor of being selected for the Great American Water Taste Test.   The Great American Water Taste Test is the nation’s largest drinking water taste contest. The winners of each state-wide competition  compete for the best tasting water in the country at the National Rural Water Association’s annual competition. The drinking water is judged based on three attributes: clarity, bouquet, and taste. State Rural Water Associations conduct preliminary competitions selecting the best water from small and rural water supplies to represent their state at the national finals. This competition was held today, February 11, 2021 where Honeyville City tied for second place! This is a HUGE accomplishment! We are thankful for the work of our Public Works employees and would like to recognize our Public Works Director, Troy McNeely for his knowledge and careful care of our water system. To watch the judging process and see the announcements of winners click the link provided below.