Municipal Code

The above link to the website is optimized to change its appearance when viewed with a mobile device, including large iPads. This is the best link to use for cases where a user may prefer a desktop view on their mobile device and takes them to the book directly. To ensure the links below work properly from your website, please replace the phrase "SUBDOMAIN" with the actual name of your government subdivision. For example, if Smithville City had this service, their subdomain would likely be "smithville". If you do not know your subdomain name or have any other questions related to linking your online publications, please email [email protected]

To provide a link directly to the “Municipal Code”, "County Code", "Code ofOrdinances", or “Municipal Ordinances” book, use this link:

Municipalities who want to reveal their efforts related to transparency of all public books present MCO’s “Available Books” page. This page reveals all the active MCO books. If this is desired, use the following link:

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