Honeyville Annual Youth Rodeo 07/09/22: HONEYVILLE ANNUAL YOUTH RODEO ·      RODEO DATE/TIME/LOCATION: -       Saturday, July 9th -       Honeyville City Rodeo Grounds: 2371 W. 6900 N. -       Rodeo Begins @ 10:00 a.m.   ·      REGISTRATION: -       July 9th 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. Ø Cash or Check Only   ·      EVENTS FOR ALL AGES UP TO 15: -       * Stick Horse Barrels * Goat Ribbon Pull * Dummy Roping * Calf Riding * Mini Bulls * Barrels * Poles * Breakaway Roping * Mutton Bustin’ * Sheep Scramble * Calf Scramble * Goat Tying *


Cemetery Policy Reminder


With warmer weather approaching we need to make sure our city employees can maintain our Cemeteries.  Please keep these regulations in mind as you pay tribute to your loved ones.


GENERAL SPRING CLEAN-UP:  All flowers and decorations in permanent containers that are wilted or damaged by the weather will be removed during the last week of March and through the month of April. People that bring in decorations intended for use during the entire year are encouraged to wait until the spring clean-up is completed. Throughout the summer any unsightly or wilted flower decorations will be removed.

MEMORIAL DAY POLICIES:   Cemetery crews begin preparation for Memorial Day the Monday prior to the holiday. Preparation, including mowing, trimming and watering usually takes most of the week to complete and sprinkler irrigation is discontinued from late Thursday afternoon through the end of Memorial Day. The clean-up of the cemeteries will begin Monday morning following Memorial Day. Anyone desiring to pick up their flowers, wreaths or decorations should do so prior to that Monday.

FLOWER POLICY:  All flowers, real or artificial must be placed in a container or attached to the headstone or monument. Flowers in movable containers must be placed on the headstone or monument base to ensure easy access for grass cutting. No glass containers are permitted. Any objects to be driven into the ground, such as wires, irons, sticks, or pegs are not permitted. Any object or decoration not in compliance with these regulations will be removed immediately upon discovery. Flowers on monuments between designated rows are not permitted except on Memorial Day.

OBSTRUCTIONS:  No fences, foot markers, shepherd hooks, or other obstructions or installations, except a headstone or monument will be permitted in the cemeteries. Small fences, foot marker, and shepherd hooks may be installed within a six-inch concrete mow strip attached to the headstone or monument, with the approval of the sexton.

Thank you for following our policies this helps keep our Cemeteries beautiful.