Sandbags Available at City Shop: DUE TO POTENTIAL FLOODING Honeyville City has Sandbags available for its residents. The Sandbags and Sand are available at the City Shop for residents to use if needed. If you need assistance please contact the Mayor, a councilmember or Troy.


Culinary Water Information

The Mayor and City Council would like to thank everyone who took efforts to follow the water restrictions by reducing culinary water use either through reduced landscape watering or by utilizing their secondary water when possible.


Currently both wells are healthy, however the springs are the lowest they have ever been.  Last year was a pretty low year and this year the springs were only at 60% of what they were last year.  When compared to the past four years, our springs are only producing 25% of what they have done in the past.


The past 2 years have been extremely dry years with very little precipitation.  We also share an aquafer with Elwood and Bear River City which could impact our well.  It is important that we continue to conserve and prepare for the possibility of another drought year.